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The Architect behind SkyTerrace@ Dawson - Soo K Chan

We are honoured to be a part of the SkyTerrace @ Dawson by Soo K Chan from SCDA, which received an honourable mention in the Future Residential category at the 2013 World Architecture Festival.

The SkyTerrace @ Dawson composed of five towers ranging from 40 to 43 stories, which sit atop a parking podium. Besides the 6 sky gardens, eco-friendly features were also incorporated into the buildings. From using water-saving dip irrigation methods for watering the plants to using solar energy systems for powering the lighting in common areas, this is indeed a distinctive concept that was not seen in HDBs until now.

And unlike usual HDBs which are painted in bright color combinations, the SkyTerrace @ Dawson blocks were painted grey and black with white outlines for each unit. This also allowed the greenery of the estate to be more prominent.

The SkyTerrace @ Dawson indeed raised the bar for stylish public housing. And we cannot wait for the next project by SCDA!

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