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With confidence in the industry with regards to Precast Concrete Products, PPVCs and PBUs - Syscon has completed a new Production Facility. A new 500,000 SF covered production facility serviced by around 50 Overhead cranes along 16 production lines across 4 triple height ceiling floors. With each crane's capacity ranging from 10 tons to 40 tons, This new addition will be able to handle any and all sizes of precast products.


Phase II also comprises a block of Ancillary Multi-Storey Car Park and Ancillary Support Function Building. 


With the completion of Phase II, the total GFA, including Phase I, totals 1.5 million square feet.



Post Pandemic 2021

Precasting and Prefabrication has been around for decades and it changed the landscape of the construction industry in Singapore when Housing Development Board made it a primary method of construction.

As Covid disrupted the world and all industries , construction in Singapore was hit particularly badly. However, the pandemic magnified the need for Singapore's Precast industry to be even more self sufficient within Singapore's borders. Syscon has been fortunate to have 100% of its operations and facilities within Singapore.

The current wave of precast innovation has been conceptualising, producing / manufacturing 5 and 6 sided modules called PPVCs (Prefabricated refinished Volumetric Constructon) and PBUs (Prefabricated Bathroom Unit). To service this requirement of the Future of HDBs and private projects. 

SYSCON has invested heavily in the structural capabilities of the building and supporting equipment.

Namely 2 multi storey factories where up to 30 ton components can be casted, flipped and fitted out between SYSCON's Block A and B factory blocks. 

Over 100 overhead cranes of up to 40 tons capacity services these 2 multi storey production blocks

Investments For Now & The Future 

Building Materials Supply Dept : Design Hub

To further service main contractors, developers and architects in the area of internal finishes, we knew we needed to have a supporting team for internal architectural finishes. A separate team that would understand the potential problems and intricacies of installing archi finishes at the Precast Factory instead of the actual site.


Design Hub was established in early 2014 importing, trading and installing everything from Tiles, Vinyl Flooring, Carpet, Wallpaper from Europe, China, Malaysia and the United States. 

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