Precasting and Prefabrication has been around for decades and it changed the landscape of the construction industry in Singapore when Housing Development Board made it a primary method of construction. 


With Precast, HDB can now build consistently high quality homes efficiently and effectively. While the industry is consistently pushing the envelope of precast, Syscon has been fortunate to be part of projects where this innovation has been implemented. 


The next wave of precast innovation would be to conceptualise, produce and manufacture 4,5 or even 6 sided modules called PPVC (Prefabricated refinished Volumetric Constructon) and PBU (Prefabricated Bathroom Unit).


PPVCs and PBUs will be a fully fitted module; a module that will have waterproofing, tiling, bathroom fixtures, electrical provisions and finishes that can all be completed in the factory. In moving these process from the actual site to the factory, it reduces the social economic impact of having too many workers and procedures at the actual building site. Thus, less negative impact is placed on residents living in the area. 


To further service main contractors, developers and architects in the area of internal finishes, we knew we needed to have a supporting team for internal architectural finishes. A separate team that would understand the potential problems and intricacies of installing archi finishes at the Precast Factory instead of the actual site.


Design Hub was established in early 2014 importing, trading and installing everything from Tiles, Vinyl Flooring, Carpet, Wallpaper from Europe, China, Malaysia and the United States. 


With confidence in the industry with regards to Precast Concrete Products, PPVCs and PBUs - Syscon is building a new facility. A facility that will be able to accommodate the logistics of architectural materials in a 12 storey block and a 4 storey block with a height clearance of up to 13 meters. All production will then be able to be under shelter; a controlled environment ideal for installation of architectural finishes.


With the completion of Phase II, the total GFA will be 1.5 million square feet.

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