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Syscon Building 1 edited.jpeg

Phase I

3 Blocks with Total GFA of 840,000 SF

13 sty Corporate Block with Roof Terrace

4 Sty Precast Production Facility (Block A)

10 Sty Ancillary Block


2 Blocks with Total GFA of 720,000 SF

4 Sty Precast Production Facility (Block B)

3 Sty Multi-storey Carpark 

with 9 Floors of Ancillary Service Support

Phase II


Syscon was a company started in 1976 by its present CEO Mr. Freddy Ho Soo Min. The company first started manufacturing precast drains and as the market for precast grew, so did Syscon. Singapore saw the need for the island city to shift gears into rapid government housing and development and Syscon was there to grow with the industry. Syscon eagerly serviced the demand for top quality components.


It soon found itself taking on larger projects; pre-casting everything from staircases, facades, parapets, water tanks, household shelters, lift-wells. PPVCs (Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction) and PBUs (Precast Bathroom Units) have also been added to our list of mass manu factored components. Today, Syscon has proven itself to be a master pre-caster. Pre-casting Singapore’s future one component at a time.


Syscon specializes in Concrete Precast components. We have been in the industry for more than 40 years. The Singapore Government, through HDB, has worked extremely hard since the 1960s to bring Singaporeans affordable high quality housing. The Housing Development Board has clearly done an impressive job; Singapore’s efficiency in developing low cost housing has been used as a model in several other countries and Syscon has been at the forefront of the industry.

Since the first precast project decades ago, Syscon has proven itself to be a dynamic and innovative company. Improvements on designs have been made countless times but Syscon has always been able to deliver cost effective and high quality components.

Besides undertaking HDB projects, Syscon has also been developing an office building, a manufacturing and storage facility and accommodation block with square footage totaling 850,000.


After years of careful production and analysis, our teams of architects, engineers and on-site personnel have ensured that our output is of the highest quality. Any discrepancies are corrected at the production plant immediately before the components are sent to site.

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